About Xfinigen

Xfinigen was formed from a team of talented photographers and high-end videographers to exploit and expound on their true passion in life, providing the best photography and video available.

XFINIGEN MEDIA PRODUCTION was born a number of years ago. It consists of Film, Media and Photographic / Videography experts from around the U.S. with over 50 years combined Field / Studio experience. Aptly leading this group and in charge of outside Sales / Marketing and one of the Executive Producers is Paul Baumann, hailing from the Pacific Northwest where he’s made his home for over 40 years. Paul worked with the likes of well-known photojournalist Alton Strupp of Louisville, Kentucky, for major college institutions like University of Oregon, Texas A&M, and was published by Smithsonian Magazine, National Geographic, and Sports Illustrated. A number of individuals serve as the technical supporting staff in video editing, publishing, sales and marketing, with the highest-ranked customer satisfaction in the industry.

Xfinigen’s team of professionals clearly give an edge, or a virtual leg up, on the competition. Xfinigen can and will get the perfect shot.